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COVID-19 Studies

The following are ongoing and completed COVID-19 studies listed on the International Clinical Trials Registry Platform . Information in the ICTRP comes from clinical trial databases maintained by other countries or regions of the world. COVID-19 studies listed on are not included in the list below, but can be found using our search for COVID-19.

To give researchers and the public rapid access to studies on COVID-19 in other countries, we will update this list weekly. You can also access the information directly from the  ICTRP.Showing: 1-100 of 3,369 studies    5102550100 studies per page Show/Hide Columns

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TrialIDPublic titleDate registrationSource Registerweb addressRecruitment Status
RBR-5p8nzk6Treatment of COVID-19 sequelae with physical exercisesREBEC
RBR-8tygcz7Determination of the effectiveness of a mouthwash and nasal spray in clinical improvement, decrease in the number of viruses and their prolonged action in patients with Covid-19REBEC
RBR-8vyvnmbSafety use of Liraglutide in patients with Covid19 pneumoniaREBEC Recruiting
RBR-8yqrskpQuality of life assessment with the SF-36 instrument during the coronavirus pandemicREBEC
RBR-65trt53Clinical study to assess safety and efficacy related to the use of donor stem cells in the treatment of COVID-19.REBEC Recruiting
RBR-3499g3jImpact of an intervention based on mindful eating on body satisfaction, behavior and food consumption of nutrition students during the Covid-19 pandemicREBEC Recruiting
RBR-62936mfPain assessment in patients with Oral Lichen Planus and Burning Mouth Syndrome during the COVID-19 pandemicREBEC Recruiting
IRCT20200611047727N3Corton’s effect in improving patients with covid-192021-01-03IRCT Recruiting
IRCT20201111049348N1The Effect of Licorice Root Extract on the Treatment of Patients with Covid-192021-01-03IRCT Recruiting
IRCT20200621047859N4The effects of mesenchymal stem cells in COVID-192021-01-03IRCT
IRCT20200928048865N1The effect of environmental health education on self-efficacy and anxiety caused of Covid-192021-01-01IRCT Recruiting
ChiCTR2100041706A randomized, controlled trial for the safety and immunogenicity of novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) inactivated vaccine in security personnel2021-01-01ChiCTR
ChiCTR2100041705A randomized, controlled trial for the safety and immunogenicity of novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) inactivated vaccine in airline ground staff2021-01-01ChiCTR
ChiCTR2100041704A multicenter, randomized controlled trial for the safety and immunogenicity of novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) inactivated vaccine in medical and health services personnel2021-01-01ChiCTR Recruiting
ISRCTN14037053Dendritic cell vaccine to prevent COVID-1931/12/2020ISRCTN
IRCT20190717044241N3Cell therapy in patients with COVID-192020-12-31IRCT
IRCT20201220049771N1study of the effectiveness of the natural product SALIRAVIRA on the treatment of COVID-19 patients2020-12-31IRCT
IRCT20200818048444N2The Effect of Bromhexine Hydrochloride on Clinical Outcomes of Patients with COVID-19 disease2020-12-31IRCT
ISRCTN27707558An investigation of malnutrition, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and severe COVID-19 in Italy30/12/2020ISRCTN
DRKS00023972COVID-19 Contact Vaccine Study30/12/2020German Clinical Trials Register Recruiting
IRCT20200621047859N2Immune cell therapy for patients with COVID-19 related pneumonia using allogenic ex vivo NK cells2020-12-29IRCT Recruiting
KCT0005711Effects of time use intervention on occupational balance, mental health and quality of life in COVID-19 patients2020-12-29CRIS Recruiting
DRKS00022857Safety and Performance Evaluation of Seraph 100 Microbind Affinity Blood Filter (Seraph 100) in the treatment of patients with COVID-1928/12/2020German Clinical Trials Register Recruiting
IRCT20201128049508N1effect of statin in COVID192020-12-28IRCT
IRCT20180205038626N7The investigation of the effectiveness of ASA usage on corona virus2020-12-27IRCT
IRCT20170218032635N3The efficacy of mindfulness based stress reduction program on mental well-being and quality of life in patients with COVID-19 after discharge2020-12-27IRCT Recruiting
IRCT20201127049504N1Effect of acupuncture and warm cupping on clinical manifestations of COVID-192020-12-25IRCT
IRCT20201125049486N1The use of oxygen-enrich water in therapy of patients with Covid 192020-12-24IRCT
NL9141Obesity and COVID-19: AdipoSe TissuE Responses to SARS-CoV-2 infection23/12/2020Netherlands Trial Register Recruiting
JPRN-UMIN000042807Developing an Adaptive Intervention for the Mental Health and Psychosocial Support of Health Workers in the Philippines under COVID-19 Pandemic using the Sequential, Multiple Assignment, Randomized Trial (SMART)23/12/2020JPRN Recruiting
ACTRN12620001371987A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled investigation of the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of 1% SPL7013 nasal spray in healthy volunteers when administered four times a day for 14 days (1% SPL7013 nasal spray is intended to help prevent COVID-19)22/12/2020ANZCTR Recruiting
IRCT20181208041886N3The effect of Montelukast on COVID 19 disease activity2020-12-22IRCT
IRCT20190415043279N9Evaluation of the effect of Propolis COVID 192020-12-22IRCT
ISRCTN95881792SARS-CoV-2 vaccination for COVID-19 disease safety study21/12/2020ISRCTN
DRKS00023822Validation of a SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) rapid antigen test in the daily routine of general practitioners for the diagnosis of corona infection21/12/2020German Clinical Trials Register
DRKS00023913Multicenter, exploratory, retrospective observational study to identify optimal CT imaging biomarkers in combination with clinical markers and PCR-RT for the diagnosis and assessment of the therapeutic response of COVID-19 using artificial intelligence21/12/2020German Clinical Trials Register Recruiting
DRKS00023934Predictive Value of ROTEM Analysis and Standard Coagulation Tests in Hospitalized Patients with COVID-1921/12/2020German Clinical Trials Register
DRKS00022110Patients with chronic pain prefer maintenance of pain treatment despite COVID-19 pandemic restrictions21/12/2020German Clinical Trials Register Recruiting
DRKS00023241POPulation based COgnitive testing in subjects with sars-coV-221/12/2020German Clinical Trials Register Recruiting
SLCTR/2020/026Effects on the clinical evolution of patients with respiratory infection secondary to the Sars-CoV-2 virus, when they are maintaining communication with family/friends through mobile devices compared to patients not having an option of communication2020-12-21SLCTR Recruiting
RPCEC00000348Biomodulin T-IM-oncological adults post chemotherapy-prevention COVID-19. Exploratory study21/12/2020RPCEC Recruiting
IRCT20170611034452N12Tele-counselling on perinatal mental health during pandemics2020-12-20IRCT Recruiting
IRCT20200421047153N1Hydroxychloroquine prophylaxis in preventing the severe forms of Covid-192020-12-19IRCT Recruiting
ISRCTN14652655The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health18/12/2020ISRCTN Recruiting
DRKS00023911German research network “Applied Surveillance and Testing” – Workpackage schools and Nurseries (COVID-19)18/12/2020German Clinical Trials Register
DRKS00023789Developing an ars moriendi nova in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic – a prospective mixed-methods survey18/12/2020German Clinical Trials Register Recruiting
DRKS00023685Acceptance, benefits and effectiveness of the CoronaWarn-App (COVID-19 warning app)18/12/2020German Clinical Trials Register Recruiting
ISRCTN82411169A phase I/II study to evaluate the safety of and immunological response to a vaccine candidate (VLA2001) against COVID-1917/12/2020ISRCTN
DRKS00023917Digital Monitoring of the course of disease in COVID-19 via wearable in-ear sensors17/12/2020German Clinical Trials Register Recruiting
DRKS00023921Willingness to receive a vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) among patients 80 years and older17/12/2020German Clinical Trials Register Recruiting
IRCT20110302005952N2The effect of orange peel and peppermint extract in coronavirus treatment2020-12-17IRCT Recruiting
RPCEC00000347SOBERANA 02A17/12/2020RPCEC Recruiting
ACTRN12620001355965Optimising COVID-19 testing intentions and behaviour with enhanced messaging16/12/2020ANZCTR Recruiting
ISRCTN69564614Moving on trial: COVID-19 and homelessness16/12/2020ISRCTN
ISRCTN91064601Presence of antibodies in children and young adults living with at least one SARS-CoV-2 positive person16/12/2020ISRCTN Recruiting
DRKS00023721Würzburg Childcare Study during the COVID-19 pandemic: A study into the acceptance of different screening measures for the detection of infections with the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in child daycare centres in Würzburg15/12/2020German Clinical Trials Register
IRCT20201001048894N1Effect of Interferon beta-1-b on COVID-19 patients2020-12-15IRCT Recruiting
IRCT20201202049567N1Phase 1 clinical trial of an inactivated COVID-19 vaccine (Shifa-Pharmed) in healthy individuals2020-12-15IRCT
ISRCTN14159936Change in disability in activities of daily living over time among adults with advanced respiratory disease during the COVID-19 pandemic14/12/2020ISRCTN
IRCT20201004048923N1Effect of biotin, brewer’s yeast and vitamin C supplements in patients with COVID-192020-12-13IRCT
IRCT20200823048495N1COVID-19 Cure Using Integrative Treatment2020-12-12IRCT Recruiting
DRKS00023821A non-interventional, fully anonymized study for the comparative evaluation of a new direct detection methods for infection with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in clinical samples11/12/2020German Clinical Trials Register Recruiting
JPRN-UMIN000042723Impact of nanopore platform on rapid diagnosis of COVID-19 in patients with respiratory tract infections11/12/2020JPRN
DRKS00023807COVID-19 pandemic and breast cancer management: An observational clinical study from Pakistan10/12/2020German Clinical Trials Register Recruiting
DRKS00023742COVIDOM: Longterm morbidity of SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 disease – consequences for health status and quality of life10/12/2020German Clinical Trials Register
IRCT20201003048904N2combination therapy trial in COVID-19 patients2020-12-10IRCT
IRCT20100130003227N15The effect of Hyssop and Verbascum herbal tea on clinical symptoms of Covide-19.2020-12-10IRCT
JPRN-jRCTs041200072COVID-19 Prevention of worsening of symptoms in asymptomatic to mild patients by combined use of kakkonto and hochuekkito: Exploratory open-label randomized controlled trial10/12/2020JPRN Recruiting
JPRN-UMIN000042717The mechanism of COVID-19 associated coagulopathy: a prospective cohort study10/12/2020JPRN
JPRN-jRCT2051200092A Phase 1/2 study of S-268019 in Japanese adult participants09/12/2020JPRN
JPRN-UMIN000042270Disinfection and cross infection tests on sports equipment in covid-19 epidemic09/12/2020JPRN Recruiting
ISRCTN27106947A study to assess several different treatments that may be useful for patients with COVID-1907/12/2020ISRCTN
IRCT20120703010178N22Bromhexine hydrochloride for prophylaxis against COVID-192020-12-07IRCT Recruiting
IRCT20161206031255N4?Efficacy of prebiotic products on admitted patients with Covid-192020-12-07IRCT
JPRN-UMIN000042681Effectiveness of ICU diaries on satisfaction of family members of COVID-19 patients in the ICU07/12/2020JPRN Recruiting
IRCT20150830023823N3Efficacy of Barley water (Hordeum vulgare) in clinical outcome of COVID-19 patients2020-12-06IRCT Recruiting
IRCT20200921048783N1Effect of GRAPEX in treatment of COVID-192020-12-06IRCT Recruiting
IRCT20200408046987N3Evaluation of prophylaxis induced by ivermectin in populations exposed to COVID-19 patients2020-12-06IRCT Recruiting
IRCT20200927048849N1Study of the safety of hyper immune bovine milk and colostrum against covid-192020-12-05IRCT Recruiting
ACTRN12620001308987A Phase 1/2 randomized, placebo-controlled, multi-centre study to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of a novel Receptor Binding Domain (RBD) COVID-19 Vaccine in Healthy Adults04/12/2020ANZCTR Recruiting
NL9093Pulmonary and fitness characteristics of COVID-19 patients with persistent dyspnea and / or reduced exercise capacity04/12/2020Netherlands Trial Register
DRKS00023263Serological investigations of blood donors from the city and area around Magdeburg for antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)04/12/2020German Clinical Trials Register Recruiting
IRCT20180610040049N6The effect of Heilichrysum pseudoplicatum-syrupe on clinical manifestations of patients with COVID-192020-12-04IRCT Recruiting
DRKS00022514Eating habits during the Covid-19 pandemic03/12/2020German Clinical Trials Register Recruiting
DRKS00022409Single Center Prospective Controlled Follow-up Study of COVID-19 Patients District Konstanz (FSC19-KN)03/12/2020German Clinical Trials Register Recruiting
ISRCTN11713182Testing the effectiveness of almitrine bismesylate in the treatment of COVID-1902/12/2020ISRCTN
ISRCTN12735607Exploring the role of virtual reality in midwifery education: a prospective study02/12/2020ISRCTN
ISRCTN19845486VR Baby, a virtual reality learning environment – does it help medical students to learn about complex topics in obstetrics and gynaecology?02/12/2020ISRCTN
ISRCTN77689525Sharing Stories: A digital intervention for caregivers with young children in the COVID-19 era to promote child social, emotional and language development, responsive parenting and parental mental wellbeing in Zambia, Tanzania, and Uganda02/12/2020ISRCTN
DRKS00023713Prolonged grief disorder due to the Covid-19 lockdown? – Impact of contact restrictions on the relatives of patients who died during lockdown02/12/2020German Clinical Trials Register
IRCT20171219037964N3Effect of Favipiravir on outpatient treatment of Covid-192020-12-02IRCT
IRCT20171219037964N2The effect of Steroid on the outpatient treatment of Covid-192020-12-02IRCT
KCT0005649A prospective, open-label, randomized, multi-center, phase 2a study to evaluate the dose response, efficacy and safety of Hyper-Ig (Hyper-immunoglobulin) GC5131 in Patients with COVID-192020-12-02CRIS
DRKS00023642Medical Rehabilitation after Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19)/ Re_Co01/12/2020German Clinical Trials Register Recruiting
DRKS00021672Investigation of factors that may influence the course of a SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19): A study of the University Medical Center Greifswald01/12/2020German Clinical Trials Register
JPRN-UMIN000042556Effect of Internet-delivered psychoeducation program named “Imacoco-care” on improving psychological distress among workers under COVID-19 infection01/12/2020JPRN Recruiting
JPRN-UMIN000042599Evaluation of SARS-CoV-2 Serum Antibody Titer in Pediatric Health Workers01/12/2020JPRN Recruiting
NL9082Serum Amyloid A as a prognostic marker for disease severity and mortality in COVID-1930/11/2020Netherlands Trial Register Recruiting
NL9081Early@home30/11/2020Netherlands Trial Register Recruiting

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